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We are an established leader in the membrane switch industry, specializing in applications with stringent cosmetic and reliability requirements. Maintaining constant color, cosmetic quality and functional reliability with each order ensures that your membrane switches and graphic overlays will perform flawlessly in the field and throughout your products life cycle.


Membrane switches are the integral part of any control panel. With increased automation all the processes are controlled from a central location. The central control is done using panels that provide facility to switch and programme the process by means of easy to operate membrane switches / keyboards. We provide you with these membrane switches / keyboards that improve your product image, where customer satisfaction is always exceeded in terms of timely delivery and satisfaction in totality.


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Precision Switch Technology Customized & Complete


Today's environment of "Zero Defects", ISO, SPC, JIT delivery and other management concepts, all geared toward premium membrane switches and graphic overlays delivered on time, demands quality. That's why Douglas has developed company-wide practices which assure uncompromised production excellence on every program we're awarded. That means you can expect perfection in all facets of membrane switch and graphic overlay production...even down to color, finish and surface texture match.


We live and breathe precision. Whether your switch project involves a multi-tasking circuit design, assembly and surface mounted components or precise print registration — our skilled people put their knowledge to work everyday in an environment of total quality control at each stage of the process.




We Provide:

  • Custom design expertise.

  • Single source manufacturing.

  • Assembly of surface mount

  • components/circuit boards/backplates.

  • Multi-tasking switch pattern designs.

  • Custom molded boxes, bezels and frames with switch installation.

  • Precise color matching and repeatability.

  • Small volumes to high volumes in quick turnaround time

  • 100% function testing of all circuits in-house.




Our design engineers with over a decade of industry experience understand your needs and help design membrane switches which meet your most complex applications with quality that improves image of your product. When you call us, you can expect immediate answers to your technical questions & ideas.


Imaging & Printing


Our strength in printing complex circuits is been achieved through continual up gradation of the printing facility to meet the latest technology requirements. We operate in all kind of inks with traditional heating units for resistive technology and UV inks for graphic overlays.




Our in-house light-assembly processes from the die-cut department to finishing inspection and shipping. The product is kitted with add-ons like LEDs, resistors, capacitors and other SMD components as per your need. Here the separate layers and units come together and the finished product is completed. The quality of our work is right at your finger tips.




Specifications will vary depending on materials, construction and circuitry. Please consult Douglas Engineering for specific characteristics.





  • Operating Voltage: 0-30 VDC.

  • Operating Current: 100 MA Max.

  • Operating Contact Resistance:
      Less Less than 100 OHMS typical
      (measured at the connector).


  • Contact Bounce:
      Less than 10 Milliseconds typical.

  • conductors:
      Printed silver conductive inks or carbon blend
      (PC board assemblies available).

  • RFI and Static Shielding
      available in most configurations.




  • Life Expectancy: URL guarantees
    actuations per switch
      position or 12 months.

  • Actuation Force: 2 -12 oz. range available —
      depending on
    customer specification.
      (4 - 8 oz. is considered medium
    for non-tactile configuration).

  • Switch Travel: .005" to .030" typical.

  • Overall Thickness: .020" to .050" typical.



  • Storage Temperature:
      -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (158°F).

  • Storage Altitude: Sea level to 40,000 feet.

  • Operating Temperature and Altitude:
      Variable depending on customer requirements
      (can be designed to operate in most environments).

  • Humidity: No delamination after 24 hours
      at 85°C and 85%RH.

  • The specifications above are general. For information
      on more specific applications, contact one of our design engineers.



Design freedom begins when you integrate membrane switches into your product. Because no single configuration can always meet your requirements, we will tailor your membrane switch and graphic overlay to fit the application and your specifications.


• Materials:
   Depending on the application and


img   environmental img


requirements, Polyester and Polycarbonates are commonly
   used. Thickness ranges are .007" to .010". Blended
   materials and UV hardcoat surfaces are additional options.

• Selective Texturing:
   For hardcoats as well as aesthetic enhancement of the
   graphic overlay.

• Embossing:
Embossing of the key pads for key location can be
   achieved by full key pad embossment or rim embossment.

• Windows:
Transparent and deadfront display windows for




   LCD and LED displays.

• Termination:
Tail termination is accomplished by snap fit connectors,
   solder tabs, or exposed silver tabs (.100" centers typical).

• Tactile Feedback:
Stainless steel domes range from 8-12mm. Poly domes are
   embossed onto a polyester layer or circuitry.

• Shielding:
Shielding from EMI/RFI can be accomplished by a layer of
   metallized polyester or by screening a layer of selective
   graphite ink.

• Backlighting:
URL offers several options for the various information
   readout devices available to fit customer requirements.

• Panel Cutouts:
Die cut holes and access for mechanical switches may be
   incorporated into membrane switch designs.

• Back-Plates and Printed Circuit Boards:
Available as a finished assembly with URL membrane

• Environmental Design:
Applications subject to various degrees of moisture or high
   humidity are engineered and constructed accordingly.

• Graphic Design and Engineering Assistance:
Full service art and engineering departments are ready to




provide complete or partial assistance in the aesthetic design
   of graphic overlays and the engineering of correct switch
   construction for your application.


Quotation Request:

The more information supplied regarding application, requirements
and environment, the more accurate our quotation will be.

  • Switch application.

  • Quantities required for prototypes and production.

  • Material requirements.

  • Graphic overlay material, polycarbonate or polyester.

  • Overlay finish requirement.

  • Number of colors to be printed on graphic overlay.

  • Overall dimensions or prints.

  • Embossing requirements.

  • Type of termination required and tail length.

  • Dome type, if tactile feel is needed.

  • Pinout requirements.

  • Other special requirements.

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